Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Battery Healthy

By Eyo Nse,

We are back to list the seven tips on how to keep your smartphone battery healthy. After you carefully follow this tips, we promise that the health of your smartphone will surely improve.

Have you ever discovered that your smartphone gets drain or needs replacement in a very short while after you purchase a new smartphone or replaced a bad battery. It could be that you had done the opposite of the tips we are to discuss today.

Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Battery Healthy

Below are the tips to keep your smartphone battery healthy:

1. Reduce your brightness: Turning down or reducing the brightness of your screen will help save your battery and your eye. According to recent research, screen brightness contributes to your battery draining easily. So, do your best to reduce it to the lowest, but still readable.

2. Reduce apps running in the background: To prevent your battery from draining easily, you still reduce the number of third party apps you install on your smartphone. This is due to the fact that this apps (third party) tends to run advertisements in the background, thereby draining your battery and also posing security dangers to your phone. So reduce the number of third party apps on your phone, as well as blocking these apps from your using ‘background data.’

3. Avoid charging constantly: It is a well known fact that too much of everything is a problem. This applies same to your smartphone, consistent charging will reduce its lifespan. The best time to charge your phone is when it runs down or low to 15 to 20%. Also, do well to switch it off before charging for a better performance.

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4. Avoid using phone while charging: It is not advisable to use your smartphone while it is charging. Using your phone while charging will not only reduce the lifespan of your battery, but it will give a slow charging. Another problem that you may encounter is that your phone can explode.

5. Avoid chargers from unknown manufacturers: Using a random charger could affect your phone battery lifespan. It is important to note that your phone manufacturer created a special charger capacity for your smartphone. for In the case that your original charger is damaged, consult a technician or visit the nearest phone shop to get an original charger.

6. Avoid using smartphone while it is connected to power bank: You should avoid using your smartphone while charging especially on the internet or playing game. This is due to the fact that when you do this things while charging the temperature of the rises thereby reducing reducing the lifespan of your smartphone.

7. Avoid overnight charging: Charging your smartphone overnight is dangerous to the lifespan of the battery. During this time the smartphone will over charged more than its required charging hours, which will result in reducing your smartphone battery lifespan.

CONCLUSION: The best time to have a healthy battery on your smartphone is by protecting it from over charging, random chargers and consistent charging.

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