10 Apps You Should Have On Your Android Smartphone

By Eyo Nse,

There are some android applications (Apps) you should have on your smartphone to enhance your usability of your smartphone on a daily basis.

10 Apps You Should Have On Your Android Smartphone

Many of these applications (apps) are free to download and can be easily downloaded on the Google play Store (Google Android Store), among other virus, Trojan free stores.

These applications (apps) falls under social media category, utility, how-to, communication and finance.

Below are the 10 (ten) must have applications (apps) on your android smartphone;

1. Facebook lite: This is a very popular social media platform which helps in connecting with old friends and family. Its instant message feature is uncomparable. This is a must have application on your phone.

2. WhatsApp: This is another social media application that helps in instant messages, video and photos sharing. Many android users can’t do without the WhatsApp application on their smartphone.

3. Chrome: This is a Google powered browser that helps in fast browsing and it also offers news contents. It downloading feature is superb, this is because it downloads at a very high speed.

4. Bolt: This is a ride haling applications that helps to book ride across the world. With the Bolt app you can book a ride anywhere around the world.

5. Opera News: This applications offers the latest and international news stories. With Opera News local news is at your finger tips 24 hours.

6. Play Store: This is a Google powered Android store which offers the latest, top and trending free and paid apps. This store is the best Android store in the world.

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7. Telegram: This is another social media platform that offers instant messages. Its similarities is liken to WhatsApp but it is enhance with more features.

8. Xender: This is an application which helps in sharing of contents between phones using hotspot. This app has help replaced the era of infrared.

9. YouTube: This is another Google enable platform which offers free streaming (video) service. With YouTube app you can watch or stream any video content anywhere in the world including live videos.

10. Phoenix Browser: This is another browser which offers fast browsing experience, also offers free news stories and equally has a content downloader feature. With this app you can stay updated with the trending, latest and breaking news stories around the world.


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