7 Uses Of Toothpaste

By Eyo Nse,

According to Wikipedia, Toothpaste is a paste or gel dentifrice which is used with toothbrush to clean, maintain the aesthetics, health of teeth or tooth.

Toothpaste can also be defined as a paste used with a toothbrush to clean the teeth or tooth of human orally.

Toothpaste contains menthol which helps to refresh the breath and also to keep the mouth and teeth from decay, smelling and germs.

Today we will be discussing on other uses of toothpaste other than brushing the teeth.

7 Uses Of Toothpaste

Below are the seven uses of toothpaste;

1. Washing or cleaning of teeth:

Using toothpaste for brushing of teeth is the most common and popular means of using the toothpaste.

The most effective way of using the toothpaste for oral use is by using it three times daily.

2. Relieving bug bites:

It is good for mosquito bites, just rub a little on the affected part, it will help you to stop too much of scratching that will give any unnecessary wound.

3. Whitening your fingernails:

Your fingernails will be bright, strong and white when you brush it with toothpaste.

4. Minimising the appearance of scratches:

A little toothpaste on the scratches on mobile phone will help eliminate it.

5. Removing odour from your hands:

Toothpaste is a good agent for removing of odour such as onions, garlic or fish from your hands.

Rub a little toothpaste on the affected hands and wash with clean water.

With toothpaste this tough odours will be gone.

7 Uses Of Toothpaste

6. Revitalising jewellery:

Toothpaste will help brighten your jewellery into a new look.

Just rub a little, and then rinse with water and dry.

7. Cleaning your dirty trainers:

Toothpaste will help scrubs away all the dirt and gives it a bright new look.

An old toothbrush can be used for this process.

7 Uses Of Toothpaste


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