7 Most Decorated Wrestlers (Photos)

By Eyo Nse,

We return with list of the seven most decorated wrestlers.

Many of these wrestlers are so popular that you won’t watch a wrestling match without remembering them.

Some of them has now ventured into other profession like business, movie, etc.

7 Most Decorated Wrestlers

Below is list of the seven champion wrestlers who has the most world titles, recognition:

1. Ric Flair: For 40 years, he became a successful wrestler.

Ric Flair

Ric Flair was a 16 time World Champion, among many other titles.

2. Edge: As a wrestler, he was able to achieve so many success stories in the industry.


After his impressive 31 total title career, in 2012, Edge became a member of the hall of fame.

3. Tripple H: Before working for the company of Mc Mahon, he was a champion.

Tripple H

The Game or King of kings as was widely known had Ric Flair as his role model in the wrestling industry.

4. Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hogan was well known for bringing wrestling to the mainstream.

Hulk Hogan

Popularly known as The Hulkster had many titles to his name which made him one of the greatest world wrestling champions.

5. Undertaker: Undertaker has 20 victory run to his name, among other several other titles.


While he was still active, he had an outstanding WrestleMania history.

6. John Cena: John Cena ranks as the first in the history of wrestling with a 10 time WWE champion.

John Cena

Cena as long as he get these belts, he doesn’t care about how many times he sustained injuries.

7. The Rock: The wrestler, Dwayne Johnson with birth name cum filmmaker, actor is the third in the history of wrestling with seven WWE titles.

The Rock

His five years in wrestling saw him as the first wrestler to beat Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan and John Cena to WrestleMania.


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