Five Businesses To Invest In 2022

Five Businesses To Invest In 2022

By Eyo Nse,

There are many businesses you can invest your little capital in 2022, but we shall discuss few of them.

Some businesses are online, while some are the physical ones.

Most times some business will be more successful than the other, this depends on the capital and type and location of business.

Five Businesses To Invest On In 2022

Below are some of the businesses:

1. POS business: POS simply mean Point Of Sale.

Five Businesses To Invest On In 2022

With just N100,000 you can kick start a POS business.

All what you need is a good location and your consistency.

2. Bulk SMS: Bulk SMS is a process of sending more than one customer SMS at a time using an app or website.

Five Businesses To Invest On In 2022

To start bulk SMS business, you need just N5,000.

To succeed in this business you need to have consistent customers with large numbers of clients.

3. Blogging: Blogging is the process of publishing articles or contents on a blog. A blog is an online portal where contents can be access electronically with an internet enable phone or computer. A person that does this job is referred to as a blogger.

Five Businesses To Invest On In 2022

Starting a blogging career is easy, but maintaining it or growing it is not easy.

With N50,000 to N100,000 you can begin your blogging career in Nigeria.

4. Graphic design: Graphic design is a means of using a software like Corel Draw or paint, etc to make a design of posters, picture, wedding card, etc using a computer.

Five Businesses To Invest On In 2022

To begin in this profession or business you need to undergo a training which could span from four to a year training with N20,000 to N50,000.

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5. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency also known as crypto or crypto-currency is a form of currency that do exist digitally or virtually and it uses cryptography to secure its transactions.

Five Businesses To Invest On In 2022

Example of such digital currency include, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Chain, Tron, etc.

To start investing in this business, you can buy growing coin Wakanda Inu with as little as N5,000 and above.


6. Website, Application Design/Development: This involves the designing and development of websites and application (App).

Five Businesses To Invest On In 2022

You can create and design websites, blogs and application (App) and make good money.

This is one of the few business that will never go saturated.

Developing an Android app can give you upto N200,000 or more in a single project you undertake.

With N50,000 to N100,000 you can be trained o how to develop, design a website, blog or app.

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