14 Facts About The White House

By Eyo Nse,

Many people are yet to know much about the White House, the official residence and workplace of United States presidents.

In the past, attacks were recorded in the White House, some of which include; a man jumping into the White House and trying to gain entrance into the main building, also a plane landing on the roof of the White House, among others.

Today we will be discussing deeply about the White House.

14 Facts About The White House

Below are facts you need to know about the White House:

1. The White House is the official residence, workplace of the presidents of the United States.

2. White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue North West, NW in Washington, D.C.

3. In 1800, John Adams was the first president to occupy the White House as president.

4. The term “White House” is mostly used as a metonym for the president as well as his advisers.

5. The White House was designed by Irish-born architect, James Hoban.

6. The White House is the most secured building in the world.

7. The White House is the most famous building in the world.

8. The White House is protected by the United Secret Service and United States Park Police.

9. Anybody can visit The White House.

10. The construction of The White House took place between 1792 and 1800.

11. The White House is a ‘no fly zone.’

12. In the 2005 presidential inauguration, NASAMS, Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System units were activated for the patrol of the airspace over Washington, D.C.

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13. Some part of the Pennsylvania Avenue on the north side of the White House is closed to all vehicular traffic, this is due to security reasons. This routes can only be used by government officials.

14. The White House uses low and transparent fencing system, but highly secure.

14 Facts About The White House

14 Facts About The White House

14 Facts About The White House


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