Message Me Immediately For Marriage, If You Are A Virgin – Lady

Message Me Immediately For Marriage, If You Are A Virgin - Lady

How I wish I have the More App Editor bank account details, I could have sent some cash to encourage him for his good work. My name is Oyinye, I am an Igbo lady based in Lagos State where I work as a Chartered Accountant at a foreign firm. I will be 31 in December this year. I am doing well for myself.

I do visit the UK and Germany during my annual leave to see my family members. The only thing I lack in my life is a man. This is an interesting app and I have met good people on it.

The men are handsome, nice, educated and lively but they lack what I want. Most of the men on this app have slept with numerous women. I am a virgin and I also wish to get married to a virgin man.

I have kept myself for over three decades and I need a befitting man who is worthy of a ‘tear-rubber’ woman like me. If you are a virgin and you are ready to undergo a spiritual test at a shrine, drop a comment for me in the comment box. I will contact you immediately and we will get married if you pass the test. You don’t need to be rich, handsome, tall or educated.

As long as you have never had sex in your life, you are the one for me. I don’t mind if you are younger. I am ready to take good care of you and start a business for you. Together, we will travel around the world and have fun.

The application process is just simple; express your interest in the comment section and expect my message. Fraudster should stay away or they will die mysteriously during the spiritual test.

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