Eight Strange Things Women Do When They Are Alone That All Men Should Know

Eight Strange Things Women Do When They Are Alone That All Men Should Know
Eight Strange Things Women Do When They Are Alone That All Men Should Know – They are some certain strange things women normally do when they are lonely and alone, but most men do not know.

Some of these things are mostly common in women than their male counterpart. We always do keep these things to ourselves, that is why we usually do them when we are alone.

So in case you want to know as a man, please read this article slowly and carefully for you to be able to comprehend it. Without wasting much of your time, here are five strange things women do when they are alone that all men should know.

1. Laughing & Talking To Themselves While Looking At The Mirror.
Many of them are fund of this. When they are alone and nobody is watching them, they will go to the mirror and start talking to their reflection and some times even laugh about it.

Some women would presume their reflection to be their boyfriends and begin to talk with him. Some even play one person drama in front of the mirror.

2. Checking Up On Their Exes Especially On Social Media.
When she is alone and bored, she will begin to check up on her exes on social media even if she still has a partner.

She do check up on them to know how they are living their lives without her. She also check up on their crush when she is alone.

3. That Amazing Back/stomach Scratch When You Take Off Bra After A Long Day.
If you are a woman and you are reading this, then you will be familiar with my number three, best feeling ever.

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4. Cry Absolutely Over Nothing.
Women are emotional and in other to keep up to our emotional game, we cry absolutely over nothing.

Sometimes we do look ourselves in the mirror while crying in other to know how we look like. So when we cry to our boyfriends, they are going to feel petty and do what we want without thinking twice.

5. Dancing In The Mirror.
Some women are also of this particular one. When nobody is watching them or when they are alone, they begin to display various types of dancing moves.

Unlike men, women learn a lot of dancing styles when they are alone and dancing in the mirror.

6. Watching Romantic Movies.
Being alone as a woman is never easy and that is why we look for romantic Nigerian movies to watch. Sometimes it could be zee world or any other romantic movie.

7. Contorting Their Bodies In The Mirror In The Most Absurd Ways In Other To Try & Look Skinny.
When alone, they sometimes contort their bodies in the mirror in other to try and look skinny and beautiful.

8. Holding Their Chest While Running Downstairs.
Whenever she is running downstairs and no body is around her, she will hold her chest just to be comfortable. But when someone is around most especially a man, she will manage to work downstairs without holding it.

These are my top eight for now, but you can still add yours if you want by sharing it with us on the comment section below.

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