8 Signs To Detect If A Lady Loves You Or She Is After Your Money

8 Signs To Detect If A Lady Loves You Or She Is After Your Money
In this article, I’ll list eight signs that your relationship is either entirely dependent on money or the lady is a gold digger. So, without further ado, here are eight indications to look for to determine whether the lady you’re dating loves you or is out on your money.

1. She asks you a probing question about your finances.

2. She refuses to accept gifts that are given from the heart.

3. If she only loves you for the money, then small gifts from the heart are a turn-off for her. She won’t appreciate the books you give her; she won’t be pleased if you send her cards or make her a delicious supper. They typically require something expensive.

4. She will be able to give up herself for material things. Another red flag that she loves you for the money is that she will be able to constantly show signs of giving up herself for material things.
She will never spend money on you.

Normally, love is supposed to be reciprocated, which means that if you spend money on her, she will spend money on you. she is only interested in your money, she will not be willing to make sacrifices for you.

5. She usually picks up fights and exaggerates them for no reason.

6. Another thing to keep in mind is that she isn’t a particularly good listener. She is always practicing superficial conservation. They don’t appear to care about what motivates you or keeps you going throughout the day.

7. They have no concept of simplicity. As a result, if you see she doesn’t care about saving and is constantly thinking about the future, that’s a big red flag to watch out for.

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8. Finally, she doesn’t seem to be spending quality time with you. She is most likely occupied with her phone and television, but she does not appear to be interested in spending time with you. Instead of wanting to stay with you, she can choose to spend valuable time with her pals shopping and wasting your money.

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