5 Signs From Girls To Proof That She May Have Feelings For You

5 Signs From Girls To Proof That She May Having Feelings For You
Both life and love are a beautiful thing and everybody prays to have at least one person that either loves or genuinely feels attracted to him or her. Our generation defines the early stages of this affectionate feeling of attraction as “Crushing”.

For the purpose of this article, we would be looking at some signals that girls usually send especially when they are crushing on a guy. In no particular order, they are as following;

1. She is willing to go out of her way just to be with you. A girl that loves you enjoys your company and when she undermines a lot of factors just to be with you, she is really interested in you and wants more.

2. She is willing to sacrifice her time just to be with you. Time, they said is the unit of life and any girl who does this just to please you or make you feel a sense of regard has an eye on you, might really be interested in you.

3. She maintains strong eye contact with you. There’s a message she wants to pass across and wishes you to notice. Don’t judge them because they may be helpless in this regard and eye contact becomes an option.

4. A girl that’s interested in you is usually concerned about your welfare and if she does it with a sense of joyous importance, (apologies to Valentine Uchechukwu Ndukwu for that quote) it may just be her mild way of sending you signals that she is interested in you.

5. She is willing to provide any form of assistance even when it’s not necessarily important. Girls do this when they want to prove a point.

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